Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why the lack of posts?

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Photo by Richard Wolowicz / Getty Images

Hello fellow hockey fans and readers of Musings of a Caps Fan, I realize that there has been a drought of posts recently. Well…. I’m taking a step or two back considering that the Capitals have been eliminated. Once we get closer to the draft and the awards, I will hopefully find more Capitals-related stuff to write about…. but, for now, I am taking a short break. However, the Musings of a Caps Fan Twitter page, Musings_Tweets (LINK) is in full force will commentary from me. Follow or subscribe to the RSS if you wish!

Here is the latest in what’s been going on in the world of hockey…

Series Standings…
Eastern Conference
Pittsburgh Penguins (#4) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#8)
Tied 3-3
Boston Bruins (#6) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (#7)
Bruins lead 3-2
Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (#1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (#5)
Sharks win 4-1
Chicago Blackhawks (#2) vs. Vancouver Canucks (#3)
Blackhawks lead 3-2

The Musings of a Caps Fan 2nd round playoff predictions….

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens in 6 Game 7 Thursday
Canadiens tied 3-3
Boston Bruins in 6
Bruins up 3-2
Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings in 6 San Jose Sharks in 5
Red Wings lose, 1-4
Chicago Blackhawks in 7
Blackhawks up 3-2

The following teams have been eliminated from the playoffs....
Eastern Conference
New Jersey Devils, eliminated in 5 games by the Philadelphia Flyers
Ottawa Senators, eliminated in 6 games by the Pittsburgh Penguins
Buffalo Sabres, eliminated in 6 games by the Boston Bruins
Washington Capitals, eliminated in 7 games by the Montreal Canadiens
Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings, eliminated in 5 by the San Jose Sharks
Colorado Avalanche, eliminated in 6 by the San Jose Sharks
Nashville Predators, eliminated in 6 by the Chicago Blackhawks
Los Angeles Kings, eliminated in 6 by the Vancouver Canucks
Phoenix Coyotes, eliminated in 7 by the Detroit Red Wings



(Photo by Richard Wolowicz / Getty Images) Yes! The Montreal Canadiens, who vanquished the Washington Capitals in 7 games in the first round, are on the brink of doing it again. The Montreal Canadiens, with a 4-3 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday, are going to be playing another Game 7, this time in Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, with a trip to the Eastern Conference finals at stake. Honestly, I will say that this success by the Habs lessens the questions that the Capitals went without a fight; the Montreal Canadiens really are this good. Or at least Jaroslav Halak is. By the way, Alexander Ovechkin’s 10 points (5 goals, 5 assists) against the Canadiens in 7 games look a whole lot better than Sidney Crosby’s 5 points (1 goal, 4 assists) against the Canadiens through 6 games. In fact, Crosby had a 7-game goal scoring drought that he snapped Tuesday night…..



So, follow Musings of a Caps Fan on Twitter, and the posts will be back…. sooner or later!

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