Sunday, May 16, 2010

2nd Round Predictions – In Review


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Alright, the second round is done. Round 3 begins today. How did the Musings of a Caps Fan 2ndround playoff predictions fare?

Here were the predictions, and the results (1 point for winning team, 1 point for games played)….

Picks Winner # of Games ____ out of 2
Eastern Conference      
Montreal Canadiens in 6 Montreal Canadiens 7 Games 1 out of 2
Boston Bruins in 6 Philadelphia Flyers 7 Games 0 out of 2
Western Conference      
Detroit Red Wings in 6 San Jose Sharks 5 Games 0 out of 2
Chicago Blackhawks in 7 Chicago Blackhawks 6 Games 1 out of 2

2 out of 8 possible points

So, in total, I guessed 2 out of 4 winners correctly, and never guessed the amount of games played in a series correctly. Eh, it was ok. The Flyers came back from a  0-3 series deficit, which has happened all of 3 times before in major sports. The Sharks finally had Joe Thornton and the top line wake up, somewhat. But, I did get the Canadiens right!

Stay tuned for round 3rd round picks….

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