Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ReCAP (vs. Bruins, 4/5/10)

ReCAP (4/5/10); Washington Capitals 3, Boston Bruins 2, Overtime


(Photo from Yahoo)

Yet another desperate team came to the Verizon Center in Washington, DC looking for a win and a pair of points. And, yet again, another desperate team left DC disappointed.

This time, the victim was the Boston Bruins. The Bruins are currently locked in combat with 4 other teams (Montreal, Philadelphia, New York, and Atlanta) for three remaining playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. This was a must-win game for Boston, and while they went home with a point, they missed out on both.

The Caps had a night of rest, with top defenseman Mike Green sitting this one out, along with a few injured players, such as John Carlson and Brendan Morrison. The Capitals saw few ill effects from this, and, thanks mainly to another fantastic performance by Jose Theodore, the Caps walked away with yet another win. Very nice, all in all.

My three stars for the night…

* – Nicklas Backstrom, Washington
** – Alexander Ovechkin, Washington
*** – Jose Theodore, Washington

Some thoughts on the game;

  • Jose Theodore has rightfully earned the starting goalie spot, with his fantastic play as of late. Even with his rough patch last week, he has bounced back marvelously; with only three games left, I don’t see him forfeiting the playoff starter job. However, I’m sure Theo is well aware that Semyon Varlamov is more than ready to take over in goal…. extra motivation is excellent!
  • Nicklas Backstrom gets no love from the officials… with his 1 goal, 3-point night, he did not even get a star! Backstrom is cruising right along, with 95 points as of now…
  • The Alexander Ovechkin breakout is coming! Batten down the hatches! Close the windows! Turn down your sound systems! I’m thinking Ovie is right about due for a monster game.
  • I’ll continue more general points in the PreCAP for tonight’s game… read on.

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