Thursday, April 15, 2010

ReCAP (Playoffs, Round 1, Game 1, 4/15/10)

Eastern Conference Playoffs; Washington Capitals (#1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#8); Round 1, Game 1; Verizon Center, Washington, DC; 4/15/10; series, Montreal leads 1-0.

Final Score: Montreal Canadiens 3, Washington Capitals 2, OT


The Good
☺ - The first 30 minutes of the game were fantastic for the Caps. Loads of puck possesion, leading to loads of zone time, leading to loads of shots. Also, excellent defense. A good plan for playoff success.
☺ - Can you believe this was John Carlson's first playoff game? He was great, almost like having another Mike Green!
☺ - Theodore was solid. As in 92.1% save percentage solid.
☺ - Sheer faceoff domination. 45 to 26, Caps.
☺ - Caps had 47 shots on goal.

The Bad
☹ - The Caps PK was 75%... OK, but not when Halak is in net.
☹ - Defense for the Caps definitely started breaking down in the second half of the game. Too many Canadien rushes and they got too close to the net.

The Ugly
☠ - Totally uneccesary delay of game penalty by Green at the end of the 3rd.
☠ - Alexander Ovechkin did not have a single shot on goal, even though the Caps had 47.
☠ - The powerplay was 0-for-4. They must convert.

Dangerous Territory
☢ - Jaroslav Halak is good. He only gets better the more you shoot. Uh-oh.
☢ - The Habs had the puck way to much towards the end.
☢ - Skate. Shoot. Score. Win. No over passing. No running into defensemen. Shoot as soon as you can and whenever you have an opportunity.

Final Opinions
☑ Jose Theodore played well. He had a good save percentage over his former team.
☑ Caps dominated in the faceoff circle.
☑ Shooting is the only way to beat a hot goalie, and boy, did the Caps shoot.
☒ The Caps did not play 60 minutes. More like 20+, then a break, and then with less effort.
☒ Ovechkin did not have a shot on goal. RUSSIAN MACHINE MUST SHOOT PUCK.
☒ PP must score, and the Caps must stay out of the sin bin.

Do not dispair Caps fans. This was merely game one. Maybe the Caps are trying to find a groove after having nothing to play for. Maybe Halak will get tired. Or injured. Or pulled. A lot can still happen, and the series is still wide open. Think, Halak will probably be the hottest goalie we face. If we can beat him, we can beat anybody. I am still confident.

Montreal leads series, 1-0.

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