Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playoff Notebook (4/29/10)

(Photo from Yahoo)
Series Standings…
Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals (#1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#8)
Canadiens win series 4-3
New Jersey Devils (#2) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (#7)
Flyers win series 4-1
Buffalo Sabres (#3) vs. Boston Bruins (#6)
Bruins win series 4-2
Pittsburgh Penguins (#4) vs. Ottawa Senators (#5)
Penguins win series 4-2
Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (#1) vs. Colorado Avalanche (#8)
Sharks win series 4-2
Chicago Blackhawks (#2) vs. Nashville Predators (#7)
Blackhawks win series 4-2
Vancouver Canucks (#3) vs. Los Angeles Kings (#6)
Canucks win series 4-2
Phoenix Coyotes (#4) vs. Detroit Red Wings (#5)
Red Wings win series 4-3

The Musings of a Caps Fan 1st round playoff predictions….
Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals in 5 Montreal Canadiens in 7
Shocked. No comment.
New Jersey Devils in 7 Philadelphia Flyers in 5
Devils Eliminated
Boston Bruins in 6 Boston Bruins in 6
Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 Pittsburgh Penguins in 6
Only took 6 games
Western Conference
San Jose Sharks in 5 San Jose Sharks in 6
Took 6 games
Chicago Blackhawks in 6 Chicago Blackhawks in 6
Los Angeles Kings in 7 Vancouver Canucks in 6
Kings Eliminated
Detroit Red Wings in 6 Detroit Red Wings in 7
Took 7 games

2nd Round Pairings…
Eastern Conference – No pairings set
Pittsburgh Penguins (#4) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#8)
Boston Bruins (#6) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (#7)
Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (#1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (#5)
Chicago Blackhawks (#2) vs. Vancouver Canucks (#3)
The following teams have been eliminated from the playoffs....
Eastern Conference
New Jersey Devils, eliminated in 5 games by the Philadelphia Flyers
Ottawa Senators, eliminated in 6 games by the Pittsburgh Penguins
Buffalo Sabres, eliminated in 6 games by the Boston Bruins
Washington Capitals, eliminated in 7 games by the Montreal Canadiens
Western Conference
Colorado Avalanche, eliminated in 6 by the San Jose Sharks
Nashville Predators, eliminated in 6 by the Chicago Blackhawks
Los Angeles Kings, eliminated in 6 by the Vancouver Canucks
Phoenix Coyotes, eliminated in 7 by the Detroit Red Wings

Yesterday’s Scores

  • The Montreal Canadiens stun the Verizon Center, Washington DC, the NHL, and hockey fans around the world with a 2-1 victory over the Washington Capitals, finishing the comeback and the upset. 

Tonight’s Action

  • Red Wings vs. Sharks, Game 1.

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