Friday, April 16, 2010

Headlines That You Would Have Laughed At In September (Humor)

Well, seeing that the regular season is over, and the playoffs have begin, I figured I’d make a editorial about some of the crazy things that happened this season. Experts were way off in many cases…. so here are some headlines that you’d have laughed at back in September (with commentary that would have probably happened in September)... read on.

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Sidney Crosby ends the season with more goals than Ovechkin…. but fewer assists.

Center Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, known for passing, sets a career high in goals with 51 in 2009-10. He had 58 assists. Alexander Ovechkin, left wing of the Washington Capitals, known for scoring, scores 50 goals and assists on a further 59.

Hahaha….. not possible.

The Pittsburgh Penguins once again lost the Atlantic Division crown… to the NJ Devils.

Picked by many to miss the playoffs, like every other year, the Devils still battled and managed to, yet again, claim the Atlantic Division crown.

What? Again? How?

The Colorado Avalanche and Phoenix Coyotes make the playoffs.

Finishing 28th and 25th respectively in 2008-09, the Avalanche and the Coyotes claimed the 8th and 4th seeds, respectively, in the Western Conference playoffs in 2009-10. Quite and unexpected turnaround.

I refuse to believe this.

The Carolina Hurricanes and Calgary Flames do not make the playoffs.

Both in the 2009 playoffs, Calgary and Carolina didn’t make the cut for 2010.

How do these teams miss the playoffs? Impossible.

Henrik Sedin leads the NHL in points.

Swedish forward Henrik Sedin, of Vancouver, finishes the season with 112 points. More than Ovechkin, Crosby, and Backstrom, the 3 players behind him.

Henrik Sedin? What? How? Wait….. Backstrom?

Alexander Ovechkin is suspended for boarding a defenseman.

Alexander Ovechkin, who only missed a few games in his career because of his sick grandfather? Yep, that changed in 09-10.

What is this madness?

Jeff Schultz finishes 1st in the NHL in plus / minus.

Jeff Schultz, Washington Capitals defenseman, finished the season a +50, #1 in the NHL.

Who is this Jeff Schultz you speak of?

Tim Thomas ends up not being the Bruins’ starting goalie.

2009 Vezina Trophy winner is replaced by Finnish rookie, Antti Niemi, in net for Boston.

This is just insane. I’m sure the Bruins found another Vezina trophy winner….

Jose Theodore is still the Capitals’ #1 goalie.

Despite all odds, Jose Theodore is still in the Capitals net for the playoffs.

Alright, what happened to Varlamov? Did he get traded or something?


That’s about all I can think of. Suggestions for more outrageous headlines that you’d laugh at? Email 


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