Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Of…. Commercials (Editorial)

This season saw some really nice hockey commercials, as well as commercials with Capitals players (and Bruce Boudreau). Here are my favorites;

Commercials featuring the Washington Capitals;

#1: Geico, “Defenseman”

Such a great commercial. It’s simple, funny, and looks good. Best Capitals commercial I’ve seen this season.

#2: Geico, “Ask Mike Green”

Mike Green plays almost half and hour every night. From that comes the saying, “Ask Mike Green, he was on the ice the whole time.”, because chances are Mike Green was on the ice for everything significant. Seeing it in a Geico commercial? Fantastic.

#3: Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria, “Press Conference”

Gotta love Bruce Boudreau; “'I’m taking a spin in that new E-class, and getting a garden salad!” I especially like his face at the end.

#4: Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria, “No Problem”


And now some of the NHL’s 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs commercials; a.k.a. “History Will Be Made.”

“What if Messier didn’t lift an entire city?”

“What if Bourque didn’t believe in one more year?”

“What if Mario wasn’t so super?”

“What if Bobby didn’t fly?”

“What if Stevie Y Never inspired hockeytown?

“What if there was no Greatness?”

“What if Roy played like a rookie?”


Simply put, the latest NHL commercials are fantastic. Also, they are great for making parodies…. plenty on YouTube for those interested….

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