Thursday, April 29, 2010

2nd Round Predictions


(Photo from Yahoo)

Round 2 of the NHL 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs start today. Although the Washington Capitals were tragically eliminated, I’ll still take my guesses on how round 2 works out. Here are the series….

Eastern Conference
Pittsburgh Penguins (#4) vs. Montreal Canadiens (#8)
Boston Bruins (#6) vs. Philadelphia Flyers (#7)
Western Conference
San Jose Sharks (#1) vs. Detroit Red Wings (#5)
Chicago Blackhawks (#2) vs. Vancouver Canucks (#3)

And here are the Musings of a Caps Fan 2nd Round playoff predictions….

Eastern Conference
Montreal Canadiens in 6
Boston Bruins in 6
Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings in 6
Chicago Blackhawks in 7

Yes, that’s right. If Jaroslav Halak could handle the Washington Capitals, the Pittsburgh Penguins are no problem. And Detroit-Chicago was last year’s Western Conference final as well.

We’ll see how this round goes…

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