Monday, March 29, 2010

The Votes are In! Poll #9


(Photo from Yahoo)

The latest poll asked you… “What about the Capitals worries you going into the playoffs? Chose as many as you need.” Here’s how all you guys responded…

  • Goaltending (3 votes, 50%)
  • Defense (2 votes, 33%)
  • Penalty Kill (2 votes, 33%)
  • Offense Drying Up (2 votes, 33%)
  • Possible Injuries (2 votes, 33%)
  • Power Play (2 votes, 33%)
  • Lack of Offensive Depth (2 votes, 33%)
  • Nothing at All! (2 votes, 33%)
  • Playing a Really Hot Team (0 votes, 0%)

OK, so you are all pretty much concerned about everything… except playing a really hot team. I have to say that injuries could really hurt this team, as exemplified by Sunday’s game. I think that the Capitals definitely missed Brooks Laich, Brendan Morrison, Shaone Morrisonn, Scott Walker, etc. That’s a substantial group of people missing! However, I think some concerns, such as goaltending and the offense drying up, should not be a huge issue considering how well both have done this year. Might there be some ugly games in the playoffs? I almost guarantee it. One has to remember that the playoffs involve best-of-seven series, where things usually even out.

I’m not sure what the next poll will be, but it’ll be up soon.

Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them! Comment in the comments section, email me at, or tweet me up @musings_scores on Twitter! I’d really appreciate it. I think I’ll make one eventually about the Capitals TV commercials……….

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