Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Votes are In! Poll #6


(Photo from Yahoo)

The latest poll asked “How far will the Capitals make it in the 2010 NHL Playoffs?” Here’s how you guys answered…….

- Nowhere; first round loss (1 vote, 7%)
- Conference Semi-Finals (0 votes, 0%)
- Conference Finals (2 votes, 15%)
- Stanley Cup Finals (3 votes, 23%)
- They’ll win the Stanley Cup! (7 votes, 53%)

OK, OK….. 53% voted that the Capitals will win a Stanley Cup this year. Most of the rest voted that they’ll lose in the Stanley Cup finals, the rest were losing in the conference finals. One vote went to losing in the first round….. unlikely, but its a free country.

Well, I’ll start thinking of what to write for the next poll. Email suggestions to

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