Monday, March 15, 2010

Suspended (Editorial)


(Image from ESPN)

Alexander Ovechkin has been suspended by the NHL for two games following a brutal hit on Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brian Cambell, knocking Cambell into the boards and ejecting Ovechkin from the game. Cambell is quite possibly out for the rest of the regular season with a broken clavicle and at least one broken rib. Check out the hit:

I can see how this is a “dirty” hit by Ovechkin, but I think that it is mostly Cambell being in the wrong position when Ovechkin hit him, and then tripping after the hit. A penalty? Yes. An ejection and suspension…. perhaps not. Regardless, for the second time this season, Ovechkin is suspended for two games.

However, if a hit like this gets a 5 minute penalty, a game ejection, and  a suspension by the NHL, why did a hit like this one (video below) by Pittsburgh Penguins player Matt Cooke not get punished at all?

Horrifying. Marc Savard, victim of the hit to the head by Cooke, will likely miss the rest of the season with a concussion. Matt Cooke got away totally clean…. no suspension, no ejection, not even a penalty was called against him. How on earth could such a dangerous hit go unpunished while a trip into the boards following a hit is worthy of a two game suspension??? Its a curious thing, the NHL wheel of justice.

Oh, by the way…. for all those Capitals fans out there worrying about the team’s chances without Ovechkin: don’t worry! The Caps have, remarkably been, for the most part, better without their lead scorer and captain. Ovechkin, fittingly, will be back in time to face the Pittsburgh Penguins, who they play a game after Ovechkin’s suspension ends.

What do YOU think about the suspension and hit?? I’d love to know.


  1. the refs werent watching matt cook at tht time and ovi did it pretty obviously and he knew he was getting ejected for it.

  2. It's irrelevant if the refs were watching or not... that's what replays are for. Matt Cooke clearly, purposely decimates Marc Savard a long, long time after he shot the puck. Ovechkin had already been locked on to Cambell for some time; Cambell just had time to pass the puck, turn to the side and WHAM! Ovechkin freight train, trip, and hits the ice hard. He got up and got of the ice with assistance, while Savard had to be carted off.