Monday, March 8, 2010

ReCAP 3/8/10

Marty Turco shines as the Dallas Stars beat the Capitals 4-3 in a shootout.

Image from ESPN.

That's the number of shots the Capitals had on goal tonight.
That's how many shots were saved by Marty Turco.

A third period meltdown and an unstoppable Marty Turco lead to the Caps' loss tonight. While a game like this will, in the end, have no effect in the standings, it is dissapointing to see the Capitals give up such an impressive game.

The Capitals' defense was not the main reason for this loss. In fact, the defense was great, allowing only 26 shots on goal. No, the two reasons for this loss were Goaltending and Penalty Killing. Semyon Varlamov is obviously still recovering and trying to find his groove again. He got better this time, and held strong for almost two periods. However, he got worse towards the end.

The real issue in this game was Penalty Killing. The PK is very much the Capitals' Achillies' heel. In today's game, two out of three Dallas goals were on their penalty play. This cannot continue. Hopefully the players and Bruce realize this and the team will make ammends. I am encouraged by how they managed to tighten their defense, hopefully they can do the same to the PK.

The playoffs are guaranteed for the Caps; they're only games away from clinching their division, earning a top-three seed. The Caps must now concentrate on their problem areas (PK, getting Varly back in his groove) that could decide whether, at the end of the season, they are getting a division champions banner or a Stanley Cup champions banner.

That is all that will matter in the end.

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