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ReCAP (3/28/10)


(Photo from ESPN)

Every team, at some point in the season, will have an amazing period. Every team, at some point, will have a horrible period. Every team will win some games, and every team will lose some games. The Capitals and the Calgary Flames are no exception to this.

The Washington Capitals, mainly due to an ugly first period, lost this game 5-3 to the Calgary Flames, who are currently trying to get inside of the Western Conference playoff bubble. The first period, like a said, was horrendous, but, the next two periods were very good, at least in my opinion. However, the horrible first coupled with a great goalie, Miikka Kiprusoff, making key saves when he was needed, the Capitals could not complete this comeback.

First, some stats…

Team  Shots Goals Hits Save Percentage
Calgary Flames 13 4 10 M. Kiprusoff: 1.000
Washington Capitals 4 0 13 J. Theodore: .700
S. Varlamov: .667
Team  Shots Goals Hits Save Percentage
Calgary Flames 7 1 2 M. Kiprusoff: .800
Washington Capitals 10 2 10 S. Varlamov: .857
Team  Shots Goals Hits Save Percentage
Calgary Flames 2 0 7 M. Kiprusoff: .950
Washington Capitals 20 1 8 S. Varlamov: 1.000
Team  Shots Goals Hits Save Percentage
Calgary Flames 22 5 19 M. Kiprusoff: .912
Washington Capitals 34 3 31 J. Theodore: .700
S. Varlamov: .833

My three stars for today’s game….

* - Miikka Kiprusoff, Goalie, Calgary
** - Rene Bourque, Left Wing, Calgary
*** - Alexander Ovechkin, Left Wing, Calgary

Some thoughts on today’s game….

  • Jose Theodore, unfortunately, had one of his games where he totally implodes; thank God it was during game 75 of the regular season with Washington all but assured the top seed, instead of during the playoffs.
  • Calgary apparently decided that, after pretty much dooming their playoff hopes with a horrible second half of the season, including the 5-0 loss to Boston yesterday, that now, against the Capitals, it was time to start playing NHL playoff hockey…. go figure.
  • Miikka Kiprusoff is a fantastic goalie; he seemed to just get better as the shots started to pile on. Very few goalies would have only allowed the Capitals 1 goal, on the powerplay, in a period where the Caps had 22 shots. Some teams, including Calgary, allow only a few more shots every night on average.
  • But don’t think Theodore is alone in having horrible games; Kiprusoff let in 6 goals in about 14 minutes during the Olympics against the USA team…. in a game that would decide whether the USA team or the Finnish team would go to the Olympic gold medal round.
  • Varlamov was actually pretty good today, much better, I think, than his save percentage indicated. Thought he had a .833 save percentage overall, he let in two goals, one of which was a freak alley-oop shot that went over his shoulder and outside the grasp of the Capitals defenseman, right into the net, untouched. Strange, strange, strange.
  • Nicklas Backstrom got his 90th point of the season, becoming only the fifth Capitals player to reach 90 points in a season. Not the fifth time overall, but the fifth player…. there have been repeats by the same players. 90 is also good for fourth in the league in points.
  • Ovechkin also had his 46th goal of the season. Thought at the time this would have lead the NHL, Sidney Crosby tallied 2 goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs to bring his total to 47.
  • Ovechkin also had his 100th point today, 1 point behind Henrik Sedin of Vancouver for the league lead.
  • Semyon Varlamov originally received the assist on Ovechkin’s goal, but that was later given to Backstrom.
  • The Capitals have still not officially clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference, but a New Jersey Devils loss today will allow them to do that.
  • The Capitals powerplay was excellent today, going 2-for-5, a 40% rate.
  • Penalty kill…. eh, the Capitals took only two penalties, but the Flames scored on one of them. 50% for the day.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll leave you with a picture of our lovely captain scoring his 46th of the season…. (Photo from ESPN)


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