Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PreCAP (3/16/10)

capt.e2f10339cfc04153b0142b296d522f8f.panthers_wild_hockey_mnjm106(Image from Yahoo)

No Alexander Ovechkin for the Washington Capitals tonight? No problem. While Ovechkin is off on his 2 game suspension, following a hit on Chicago defenseman Brian Cambell on Saturday, the Capitals play a divisional game against the Florida Panthers. However, for the Ovechkin-less Caps, this is far from a new situation. Quite common in fact. How common? Well, the Capitals have played the Florida Panthers three times this season without Alexander Ovechkin. You read that right. THREE WHOLE GAMES. Let’s look at some scores, shall we?

Washington Capitals vs Florida Panthers (2009-2010)
- Nov 6, 2009. Capitals beat Panthers, 4-1, without Alexander Ovechkin.
- Nov 7, 2009. Capitals beat Panthers, 7-4, again without Alexander Ovechkin.
- Dec 3, 2009. Capitals beat Panthers, 6-2, yet again without Alexander Ovechkin.
- Jan 13, 2010. Capitals beat Panthers, 5-4 SO, with Ovechkin.
- Jan 29, 2010. Capitals beat Panthers, 4-1, with Ovechkin.

So, we can already assume two things. 1) The Capitals will most likely win this game, and 2) The Capitals, minus Ovechkin, will still score a huge amount of goals. Honestly, the only thing that could possibly stop the Washington Capitals tonight is the man in the picture (above)…. Tomas Vokoun. Vokoun is an amazing goalie, with Ryan Miller numbers without even near to as good a team in front of him as Ryan Miller has in Buffalo. However, the most likely result is a Capitals blowout loss. End of discussion.

Well, the Game starts at 7:30 PM. Enjoy!

On a side note, Steve Downie of the Tampa Bay Lightning received a $1000 fine from the NHL for this hit on Sidney Crosby, on 3/14/10.

I’m pretty sure this hit was at least as bad, if not worse, than Ovechkin’s hit on Cambell. Downie lost about as much cash as he makes in, um, about a minute? Ovechkin, on the other hand, gets suspended for two games. What gives, NHL?

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