Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Poll!


(Photo from Yahoo)

The latest poll asks you “What about the Capitals worries you going into the playoffs? Chose as many as you need.” So, your possible choices are….

- Goaltending: Can the Capitals goaltending hold up to the pressure of the playoffs?
- Defense: Will the defense be good enough to make it in the post season?
- Penalty Kill: The Capital’s only weakness, will it be strong enough?
- Possible Injuries: What if a major contributor gets hurt in the post season?
- Power Play: Probably not an issue, but what if it is?
- Lack of Offensive Depth: What if the main forwards don’t score?
- Playing a Really Hot Team: A hot team with a hot goalie can cause lots of issues…
- Nothing at All!: Your confident that the Capitals have no glaring weaknesses! Yay!

Start voting, the poll ends around noon on Monday, March 29th. Want to discuss or argue about the Capitals strengths and weaknesses going into the post season? May I direct you to the lovely comments feature below this post! Click the thing that says “__ comments”, and it should take you to the commenting area for the post! Thanks, and enjoy!

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