Friday, March 26, 2010

Layout Updates and Other Such Things…..



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Yes, this post has absolutely nothing to do with hockey; instead, this is about new/recently added features to the site, as well as useful links and things like that for all you wonderful readers out there! Also, I might post a question or two, you never know.

New and Recently Added Features…

- At the bottom of each and every post, there is a nice little thing with five empty stars. Rolling your mouse over said stars will allow you to rate the post…. I really don’t care what your rating, but it probably should be the post you read to get there. Please do rate! I am always looking to improve my writing, and feedback is the best way to do that! Thanks!
- Also at the bottom of each post is a little thing that says “Share”. Rolling your mouse over this one will open a drop-down menu thingy that allows you to share the above post via Facebook, Twitter, Email…. etc. Pick your poison.
- Again at the bottom of each post are three little squares, next to them it says I thought that this was….“good”, “not good”, “interesting”. Rolling your mouse over these shows a checkmark in it; this is just to see what you guys, the readers, think about the news/story in the blog post…. like commenting, but faster and more streamlined.
- Finally, you can always comment, and I encourage you to do so! I love a little friendly conversation. You can comment without an account; or you can leave a name and/or URL; or you can sign in with a variety of sign-ins, like wordpress, google account, openID, etc.

Useful Links…

- If you weren’t aware, Musings of a Caps Fan has a Twitter account operated by me, I use it to power the news/scores updates in the sidebar. However, should you just want my news and scores updates, you can visit the Twitter account and subscribe/follow or whatever else you wish to do.
- In addition to the Twitter and the blog, I use two photo services for all the pictures you see on this blog…. so, links to those; the Picasa Web Album can be found here and the Flickr account can be found here.
- Also, you can subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed, or the comments’ RSS feed, via the nifty little button in the sidebar titled “Subscribe!”.

Questions I’d love to have answered by you readers…..

- I don’t write this blog for my personal enjoyment (only), I write for all the readers! So, I though I should ask you guys some questions about what you thing of the blog, and what I should do, etc.
- Soooo……

- Would you guys be interested in some sort of photo caption contest?

- Do you like the layout of the blog? Anything I should change?

- Any services or features that are awesome that I’m not using?

- Suggestions for polls? I’M BEGGING YOU!!

- Anything special you’d want for the playoffs?

- Anything else at all?

- I’d really love to hear from you guys! Comment, Twitter, or send an email. Speaking of which….

Contact information

- Here’s how to contact me, Netty, and/or Musings of a Caps Fan…

Email suggestions to:

Email everything else to:

Direct Twitter messages to: @musings_scores

Commenting is also a great way to contact me!

Please, please, answer, comment, criticize, etc! I’d really appreciate it. - Netty

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