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How do the Capitals Compare? (Editorial)

Written by Netty, March 13th, 2010.

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Now that the Capitals have clinched the Southeast Division and guaranteed themselves a playoff spot, the goal for the remainder of the season is winning a franchise-first Stanley Cup. I've decided to take this opportunity to look back at the last four Stanley Cup champions and see how the Capitals match up. We'll look at everything from goal scoring to special teams to goaltending and see, statistically, if the Capitals compare favorably to the last few Stanley Cup Champions. Here we go...

2006-2009 Stanley Cup Champion Statistics

Goal-Scoring and Goals-Against Statistics

2005-2006Carolina Hurricanes3.493.15
2006-2007Anaheim Ducks3.102.42
2007-2008Detroit Red Wings3.072.18
2008-2009Pittsburgh Penguins3.152.83

Powerplay and Penalty-Kill Statistics

2005-2006Carolina Hurricanes17.981.8
2006-2007Anaheim Ducks22.485.1
2007-2008Detroit Red Wings20.784.0
2008-2009Pittsburgh Penguins17.282.7

Let's now compare these statistics to the 2009-2010 Washington Capitals...

Team2009-2010 Washington Capitals

Most of these statistics compare very favorably to the past four Stanley Cup winners. The Capitals are, without a doubt, a Stanley Cup capable team. The goals against per game average is a bit high, but both the 2005-2006 Carolina Hurricanes and the 2008-2009 Pittsburgh Penguins had higher averages in that category. The goals for average and powerplay percentage are higher than any of the last four Cup winners.

However, one area that is significantly worse than any of the last few Cup winners is the penalty kill. The Capitals, for some reason, have not done very well in penalty killing this year. The team realizes that this problem must be fixed as soon as possible. A good first step was yesterday's 100% PK effort. One can only hope this trend continues.

In all other areas, the Capitals could clearly win a Stanley Cup if the past seasons are any indication. Now they just need to fix that penalty kill......


  1. I like the analysis! The Caps have stanley cup stats.

  2. Most definitely. Except for the penalty kill. That must be fixed.