Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy Captions #1 (3/26/10)

On the subject of Christobal Huet…


(Photo from Yahoo)

Joel Quenneville (Coach): “You’re paying Christobal Huet WHAT for how many season?”
John Torchetti (Assistant Coach): “Ohhh God…(Looking at replay of Columbus goal).” 
Player #1: “I’m thinking the coach isn’t happy.”
Player #2: “How much are they paying Huet exactly?”
Marian Hossa: “Wasn’t it something like 5 and a half million a year?”
Player #2: “Wow….”


Fact: On March 25th, 2010, the Chicago Blackhawks lost 8-3 to the Columbus Blue Jackets, their worst loss of the season.

Fact: French Goalie Christobal Huet allowed 7 goals on 27 shots, a .741 save percentage.

Fact: Huet has an average save percentage of .895 this season.

Fact: The Blackhawks are currently paying Huet 5.625 million dollars a year.

Fact: Going into the playoffs, Christobal Huet is still not considered Chicago’s backup goalie, but it’s looking like that.

A $5,625,000 backup goalie…. in a league that has a salary cap. Wow.


Fact: This photo is actually Coach Quenneville congratulating Marian Hossa on a goal against Columbus; they did still lose 8-3.

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